5 Reasons Why Christians Should Tithe

empty offering plateThe practice of Tithing has been the subject of much controversy in recent times.There are Christians who do not Tithe and for various reasons. Some do not understand the practice. Some understand but disagree with it. Some understand, agree but lack the discipline. Still others understand, agree, but make a lot of excuses not to give to the church.

So why then should Christians today maintain this practice?

The sole reason for the Church’s existence is fulfilling the Mission of God. There is no other reason why we are brought together. Congregations in various places use a variety of methods, which we call ministries, to give expression to their understanding of God’s Mission. In most cases these ministries require some kind of financial support for them to be implemented. The purpose of every ministry should be toward the transformation of lives and community.

It is on this that I premise the need for the continued financial support of the mission of God. Christian giving comes out of an understanding that all of our financial resources like everything else that we have, comes from God. It is a gift, not for hoarding, but for continued use in building up the Kingdom of God. When viewed like this, giving is not seen as a burden. You will give joyously because you know you are only managing what God has entrusted you with.

So here are the 5 Reasons I believe Christians should Tithe.

1. To advance, through financial support, the Mission of God. The church needs financial resources to fund its mission. We who are members of the church must give this support, to the best of our ability.

2. To foster fellowship this is not readily obvious. But the church that has a lot of members giving financially and the burden isn’t only on a smaller group, enjoys much better fellowship. It is the freedom people experience when they know they are part of something. There is no guilt for not giving, or resentment for carrying all the weight.

3. To respond in obedience to God that you will give back to God (which is what you do when you contribute in church, contribute to various ministries, make donations to various organizations, help those who are in need and so on) what God has

4. Develop the discipline of self-denial and rise above selfishness, greed and sheer meanness or lack of generosity. The world has grown heavily skewed toward selfishness. Christians should struggle against becoming like this. When you give, you are becoming more and more unlike the world.

5. To experience personal blessings. Don’t get hung up on this but it does give a heady feeling to know that what you have given has made a lasting difference in the life of someone else. So much so that that person whose life was touched is moved to glorify God (not you, God). It gives immeasurable satisfaction.

There is no rocket science in it, you don’t even need to read ‘the secret’ to get it. Just try it and you will see the profound difference it makes in your life to open your heart, purse or wallet and start giving to your church and its ministries.

Do share your stories with us on this controversial subject.

Make a change,


  1. says

    Russ: Before the 1870s no non-state church in the USA taught tithing so it is a new doctrine. Before AD 560 it had not been in the early Church and did not become enforceable church law until AD 777. Most early church leaders boasted about being very poor and self-supporting. See Acts 20:29-35.
    Marvia: The sole reason for the Church’s existence is fulfilling the Mission of God. There is no other reason why we are brought together.
    Russ: The OT tithe was never used to support missionary activity while fulfilling its Mission of God. And the NT church was never told to do so either.
    Marvia: Christian giving comes out of an understanding that all of our financial resources like everything else that we have, comes from God.
    Russ: Yes but that does not teach tithing. The same was true in the OT but tithes were always only food from farmers and herdsmen inside Israel.
    Marvia: When viewed like this, giving is not seen as a burden.
    Russ: Tithing was cold unemotion-related law and a burden. There are no texts which say otherwise.
    Marvia: You will give joyously because you know you are only managing what God has entrusted you with.
    Russ: That is true of freewill giving –not tithing.
    Marvia: 1. To advance, through financial support, the Mission of God – The church needs financial resources to fund its mission. We who are members of the church must give this support, to the best of our ability.
    Russ: This is true of freewill Spirit-led giving. Again, OT tithes were never used to evangelize Gentiles.
    Marvia: 2. To foster fellowship. … There is no guilt for not giving, or resentment for carrying all the weight.
    Russ: There was serious guilt for not tithing in the OT and the fellowship excluded Gentiles.
    Marvia: 3. To respond in obedience to God that you will give back to God
    Russ: Freewill giving is “heart giving” while tithing was “mandatory taxation.”
    Marvia: 4. Develop the discipline of self-denial
    Russ: Freewill giving. No tithing texts.
    Marvia: 5. To experience personal blessings
    Russ: Freewill giving, not tithing. Compare Galatians 3:10-13 with Deuteronomy 28 and Malachi 3:8-12.

    Marvfia: There is no rocket science in it
    Russ: No and the Bible is extremely clear that tithing is not for the church. According to 2 Cor 3:10 that kind of doctrine has zero glory.
    Marvia: Do share your stories with us on this controversial subject.
    Russ: My web site has over 150 articles.
    Maria: Make a change,

    Russ: I am. Thank you.
    Russell Earl Kelly, PHD

    • Marvia says

      Your offensive approach to sharing your opinion has been removed from this wall. Thank you for sharing your opinion. However, on this blog as you can see below there are different positions represented and NONE of them were offensive so that they had to be deleted.

      I welcome dissenting positions but not rude arrogance as though you have any greater claim on Biblical truths than the rest of us. Where opinions are shared with due regard for the faith positions of others, then its worth broadcasting and will be kept. And where you are mature enough to disagree without being disagreeable then you are welcome to comment again.

      Thanks in advance,

      • mark says

        concerning davids comment to russ. people like to use this text to say that jesus commanded tithing. they think that because this passage is in matthew that it seems to fall under the heading of new testements. but hebrews 9:16-18 says that where there is a testement there must also be the death of the testor,for a testement is in force AFTER men are dead since it has no power at all while the testor lives. therfore since jesus had not yet died it is only logical that he was talking about the old covent law,which he himself was under, remember he came to fulfill the law. if one wishes to tithe thats between him and the Lord, but dont say that it is new testement law, see also acts 15

  2. Marvia says

    Your feedback is most welcome.

    It goes without saying though, from your line of argument obvious in the way you interacted with the post, that we have differing positions on the issue.

    Moreover, we arrive at different positions based on our approaches to the Bible, Biblical interpretation, our understanding of the church and the Mission of God.

    Admittedly in this post I did not get into the difficulties with the term “tithing”. Neither did I state that practice of ‘Tithing’ is based on understanding Tithing as a principle of giving commended to the church and not as a literal extraction of an Old Testament practice of ‘one-tenth’ to impose it upon our contemporary context.

    This post was not intended to get into the history of the practice. But you have certainly sparked the need to do so. Since this Blog is not exclusively devoted to the subject, overtime several other posts will be added here to cover the subject of tithing at which time most if not all your objections will be looked at.

    Thanks again for your contribution to the subject.

  3. writeonbro says

    It’s because of faith and obedience that I and many other worshipers humbly give such that we have, be it silver, gold or ourselves to the Lord

    Tithes and offerings were ordained by a God who changes not and according to Jesus Christ, who was not concerned with the semantics of giving, in Luke 6:37 givers can expect to be rewarded.

    His assurance is enough encouragement for me to give as much as I can as often as I can.

  4. Marvia says

    Thanks for making your contribution and sharing why you continue to give. There are many others who feel as you do.

  5. says

    It’s very important for us to be obedient to God’s will. I use to have a problem giving $5–that was too much! Now, I give my 10% or more freely and unto God. I don’t necessarily look for blessings when I give, but I look for trouble if I don’t. Thanks for this post.

  6. Sammye Hanna says

    My son says that the tithe is not absolute, but give as you are able. Because, in biblical times the tithe was used to pay taxes. He’s quite a bible scholar, so I was very surprised at this!! I tithe my 10% as did my parents until the day they died.

    • Marvia says

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your story. It is true that present day Tithing in the Christian church has its roots in the tradition from the ancient Near East of (a) temple taxes to be paid in support of the priests and sanctuary and (b)that practice might have resulted from the cultural practice of paying taxes to Kings. So given its interesting past some believe tithing is an “unbiblical” practice and should not be continued.

      As ancient peoples dealt with their practical realities and responded to the need to support their practice of worship and those who have dedicated themselves to serve in this way – they established a system of tithing. They set their figure of one tenth of the yield of their crops – essentially 10% of their earnings.

      The Christian practice today of Tithing today that I hear so much controversy over, looks nothing like what took place in Biblical times. And like your son, I agree that what we maintain as the 10% is not an absolute but a guide. However, I firmly believe that if we are going to maintain a church and fulfill its mission then there has to be financial support from its membership.

      Don’t stop giving your 10% but if you can give more then by all means do so. You are not limited to 10%. That is my principle – give as you are led and ensure that you are satisfied that you are giving your best.

      Do come back again and share your views.

  7. gladys says

    No were in the bible it’s mention that tithing was about money. in the old testments; tithing was consider a law and these were the things that were tithe, food, herb, spices and other items but no money. and it was giving to widower, and the needy. it was given to levites decent of aaron and it follower. In the new testment no mention of it. I read the bible. God does ask not a oblgation that we give offering from our heart cheerfully not in obliation. 10% of food, herb, spices is what I get out of 10% tithing. money is never mention. God free us from the law and gave us grace and to support your church write a check monthly for what ever bill your heart desire to help pay. Monthly no were in the bible it say you have to give 10% of all your check. When you give it suppose to help not only the church but also the people around you that need it. Give from your increase not your decease. When God bless us it would be nice to share it with others.

  8. Iwan says

    I agree with marvia, tithing is one of our expression how we love God. God does not need our finance, because it is from Him.

    • Truth says

      God doesn’t need our finance but money answers all things it is necessary to function in this life, I tithe because I believe in it’s benefits not just to me but to others. The tithe I pay to my church pays for ministry including heating a lighting the church, paying for community functions where we are able to witness as well as paying a salary to our Senior Pastor who has a large church to minister to. He and his wife work hard, visit the sick, get involved in community forums, evangelise and generally help those in need. The tithe and offerings facilitate the work that we do as a church and without it we would be unable to function in the way that we do. We have recently opened a homeless hostel for 16 – 25 girls some of the running costs are from the tithe

  9. gladys says

    what is the difference between 10% tithing and offering isn’t both money? Offering is what ever you want to give it could more than ten percent. 10% of tithing it just that. so you telling me that God would accept you ten percent of tithing, but not your offering. They both money while would God want money from you twice why? Can you just give one amount of money. So you telling me that you would be curse if you don’t give 10% out of every paycheck. but he would overlook and not bless you for giv ing offering. Nothing is being said about offering when it both the same thing. There is no difference in tithing and offering it money!!!! Jewish law one is obligation, and law for the jews , and the other offering is free will for all, after Jesus Christ death were now we live threw grace.

  10. gladys says

    These 5 reasons you give sound like your own opinion. Give bible text to what God saids in the new testestment and old were he is speaking to the gentile the old testment was all hebrews. What does Jesus Christ said who died on the cross for our sins were we don’t have to do anything to show him we love him because he loves us first. We are to help and love each other not just the church like I said he want to support your church write out a check like you do with your monthly bills for what ever bill you want to help out with. God bless us with the money but he also wants us to be careful what and who we give it too.

    • David says

      I’ve never seen a faithful that regreated it. And yes I mean money. Let’s hear from those who give over 10% of their income to the Lord and yet don’t tithe.

  11. Marvia says

    Thanks for visiting and for sharing your opinion on tithing with us. You’ve prompted me to respond with an outstanding article on this issue. It will be posted shortly.

  12. Cheryl says

    It all comes down to obedience. The bible tells us to give as God has prospoured us to give. This means that He has entrusted us with the responsiblity of stewartship. To do well with our finances, our giving and all other aspects of our life. The 10% is guideline that is used by most; but some of us are blessed to go above and beyond the 10%. Our giving is an expression of our trust and committiment to God. As stated before, He does not need our MONEY, everything belongs to Him. With any relationship it requires a sacrifce, proven support and comittment. (Example -You can tell me you love me all day long; but you can show me better than you can tell me). Be Blessed!

  13. Marvia says

    Thank you Cheryl!
    It is about obedience to a principle that what we have is not our own but is a gift from God to be used in the service of God. We get hung up on whether we call that ‘tithe’ or ‘offering’ the point is as you say count it a blessing to give more than any man made requirement, give with joy to the glory of God.

    • KW says

      I was always confused about tithing the 10%. I tithe because I want to be obedient but like some others here don’t get the 10% request. I have a cousin who’s Greek Orthodox and flat out refuses to tithe because from her understanding it’s not required, but she’s financially set. Her husband has a great job, they have a really nice home, just purchased two new vehicles and both have excellent credit. I never known her to have money issues, unless there was sometihing she never told me, but she has always been very honest and straight forward with me.

      All my life it seems the Baptist communty thrives and enforce tithing and rarely do I see anything prosper from it; besides a $90k Benz for the pastor or a gift of a Hawaiian vacation for him and the “First Lady”. There are no homeless shelters, work programs, schools, etc erected from Baptist churches in order to help others, as it is stated in the Bible. I only saw Cadillacs and expensives suits.

  14. Trip says

    The principle or law of tithing was set up to support the widows, strangers and orphans who would be in need of food. The food would be stored in the Levitical churches. The Levites did not inherit land but were blessed by God to take care of the church. Hebrew 7:18 clearly states that the commandment was disannulled do to the new priesthood after King Melchisedec from which our saviour Jesus Christ sprung from. Paul explains this change very well throughout Hebrew 7:1-28. Additionally, every mention of tithing is referencing food, herbs, herds etc., never money. Money was given as a freewill offering which I agree with today. By giving freewilling there would be less strife, confusion, deciet, animosity and concern for who recieves any amount given. Remember Abraham did’nt give to King Melchisedec from a check that he earned (Return from Slaughter), nor did Jacob (conditional), Levites (commandment to the Levites only) which was about sustance (food). Last point which I think is very important. When Christians are asked to give money falsely by some non-scripture mandate (10%) it discriminate, alienate and embarrass those that don’t have to give. We should examine what where saying to our Christian brother and sisters so we don’t divide them.

    • kingshouse says

      Thanks Trip

      The new Testamant makes it very clear that we should give from free will not under obligation. There are people who would want to give their widows mite and it comes no where near 10%. Should they not give as they purpose in their hearts?

      There seems to be so much talk about obedience and so on. Well is the New Testament scriptures not to be obeyed? (2 Cor 9:7 for instance)

      I will speak for myself. I am under grace and NOT under the law. I used to follow the tithing rules (and rules is what they are) but having read my Bible I no longer do this. It does not mean that I am looking for a way to give less but I enjoy giving FREELY as the scriptures say.

      God wants our all hence I beleive He gave us Jesus 100%. In principle 10% should be minimum if you can afford it otherwise give more for God’s work and DON’T forget the poor and the needy (the Tithing system emphasised this).

      God bless


  15. CLAUDE says

    As a Preacher/ Teacher/ Pastor of the gospel; I must remind individuals that we should love God with our minds. that means that we should not be ignorant concerning God, His principles, and His Word. With that said, I think that Russell gave very sound research concerning the matter. Without going into much detail, we must be careful not to distort the Word of God to help accomplish our goals. what it does is reveal the lack of faith in the power and Sovereignty of God; not to mention the heart of the matter.
    If the Spirit of God dwells in an individual, we need not put them under obligation, or as Paul said, “under the law.” What we observe in today’s cultural Christianity, is a compelling act that forces individuals to give as a mandate. The bigger questions we must as ourselves are these: “Are we forcing people who may be religious, professing non-believers to give? And in doing so, are we helping them in their self-righteous works? Secondly, Are we putting believers under a law that they were never under in the first place (Gentiles). Thirdly, Are we nullifying the grace of God in Jesus Christ because of our ignorance? And lastly, If truth is revealed, yet we still hold to tradition, is that any different from what the Pharisees did when Christ (The true Light) tried to teach them truth, and yet they continued to reject Him, and held firm to their traditions? Wake up my borthers and sisters…Arise, and let the Light of Christ shine on you….Amen!

  16. Darshiel Smith says

    I have been reading the posts on your site and I have enjoyed most of them. Some seem to be confused. When Jesus said that the Pharisees were hypocrits and vipors He talked about them paying tithes but he said that those things they should have done and not left the other things undone. God loves a cheerful giver, so I agree with parts of the free will offering theory, but on the other hand the bible clearly states that if you don’t pay your tithes you with be cursed. Think about it, you will either be blessed or cursed. I love being blessed by God so I pay both my tithes and offerings. After all the things He has done for me… …I owe Him way too much to squabble over whether or not I should pay my tithes. I owe Him my everything and just in case I am supposed to do it whether you think it’s correct or not I will continue to do it. Malachi 3:10 very clearly states that if you pay your tithes He will open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there won’t be room to recieve! Who couldn’t stand a blessing like that? Thnx for the space. God bless

    • kingshouse says


      I don’t want to be seen to be spamming here as I have only just replied to a post here but I would like to ask a question or two to you.

      I am not being smart here but these are questions I had to ask myself.

      Is God speaking to you in Mal 3:10?

      If you were never under the law how can you be cursed under it?

      What exactly does the Bible mean when it mentions …the windows of heaven to Israel?…

      God has given us the Bible for a reason and I beleive we can read it and find out what He really wants from us and not …just in case.

      Praise God that Jesus paid the price that I could NEVER pay.

      God bless

  17. Francis says

    Because God showed his love through giving. He give his son Jesus to save us. so for those who are saved, it is not hard to understand why we give, be it our time or resources, because Christ give first.

  18. Wes Gibbs says

    Its interesting, Marvia, that the word, “tithe”, only appears in the title. I am against the use of the term, as it clouds the issue of “giving”. There is no scriptural basis/evidence for Christian Tithing.[At least I cannot find it!!]. I am totally ashamed of some preachers/pastors/ministers etc insist that every member of the church give 10% of their gross income to the church – yet, some of these ministers “own” plenty homes, exotic cars, and much more. And, at the same time, some of the “tithers” in the church are struggling to “make ends meet”. A disgrace!! I take the view of John Wesley – “Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can”. We also need to feed the thousands in our community – and a little bread and fish is all we need – We just need to offer it to Christ and give thanks.

    • gerry says

      i think the problem people see in tithing is that it is mentioned more in the old testament . Tithing in the old testment there were three tithes , no one mentions that u could borrow from your tithes but who must pay it back 5 percent interest . or if u had a lots of crops that would not make the trip u would exchange them for money and buy what ever your hearts desire was . abraham giving to melchezidek was an example giving to christ its an everlasting covent , why we do not see tithing in the new covenant is because its covered in the old testament and tithing is before the law .

      when jesus was on the earth he was talking to old covenant people the new covenant does not start till the holy spirit came to the upper room .

  19. gerry says

    the main reason we pay tithes is that as citizens of the kingdom of Heaven we can preach the gospel all around the world and to take care of those that are least fortunate than us when we give to the poor we lend to the lord the tithe is just a word that means (taxes) paying 10% tax on everything we have thats the only way the kingdom will grow i live in canada i do not have a say how much tax i pay or gets deducted from my paycheck christians accept this practice to pay there taxes to the government but to with hold them from God i do not understand i do believe that those that do not do not have the revelation of it
    imagine standing before jesus when he says DEPART FROM ME I DO NOT KNOW YOU AND YOU SAY WHAT DID I MISS HE SAYS YOU FORGOT TO TITHE and you never see him again

  20. russell says

    Show me 1 single scripture in the entire bible where it asks, commands or suggests that anyone bring 10% or any amount of money and give it to a church. Name 1 scripture where Jesus said to build a physical building and then go into that building to worship God. It is not so but I have watched as a church deacon bluster after the plate was passed that God told him that very morning to tell the congregation of 400 that they were as thieves and then passed the plate again. Yes there are many thieves in the church and they are the ones who demand payment for their foolish words and unholy belief in demanding anything from another.

  21. says

    Tithe is a biblical word that has to first be understood before even trying to apply it. THERE ARE 2 TESTAMENTS. Do I also have to ask you to check up the word Testament………..
    ….in the dictionary???? I totally agree with Russ.

  22. mr. wesley says

    this tithing issue amounts to bondage, people a being put in bodage(slayvery) by the very people they are supposed to be setting free.

  23. wrarmour says

    For those of you who are finding no justification for tithing think of it as helping the church you attend pay its taxes its water bill, light bill and gas bills. It also contributes to the outreach ministry the food bank and clothes closet. When you bring can goods and clothes you are giving to the less fortunate and thats what Gods requires of us. Doing it cheerfully will give you great pleasure and favor from God. Now think of a time when you gave or helped someone and within minutes or days you were blessed unexpectedly. Thats God way of saying thank you for your obedience. Don;t think of it has tithing if you have a problem tithing and need a biblical reason think of it as loving someone and helping them without expecting anything in return. Its all about LOVE.

  24. says

    You are totally wrong. You don’t seem to understand anything about tithing…read the book of Hebrews Chap. 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, in fact just keep on reading, please,
    It’s clear that you can not take selected verses to understand the gospel. Let me give you a hint: JESUS – the lord of glory was from the tribe of Juda… not of levi, Aeron tithe collectors. I would ask you to get a Job like PAUL told us too. AND “Give” because you want too and not because you have too. Jesus is of love and Moses was of the Law….

  25. says

    Believe in the Son of God “alone” and He will set you free. Whatever, whenever, whoever you give something, let that from a “freed heart”……The 1st was the LAW (Must I remind you that JESUS was born during the LAW????) “Now” 2nd Testement; we are in the time of LOVE MANIFEST….THE LOVE OF THE FATHER FOR THE WORLD….HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON….
    Your Tithing is old practices of the LAW of Moses…. Give from the heart and love your brother more… Your church dosen’t need anything else ..
    . stop talking about tithe giving. You are making people feel like they “have to do something”…that’s wrong…. Where there is THE SPIRIT there is Freedom (freedom to give…everything!!!!!!!) Where there is THE LAW there is DEATH!!!!!!!!

  26. Jude says

    Thanks for your article. Bottom line – what is the big deal? God gives us 90% and only asks for 10%. After what he did for us – can’t we at least do that to further the Gospel?

  27. Charles says

    What should a person tithe from?

    It is repeatedly mentioned that God owns everything, and that I also agree with, but one thing I never hear mentioned is to what the tithe today should consist of and from what. The Old Testament Law was pretty clear that it was from the fruit of the land and from the flocks of the fields, from the land of Israel, but the question is; what are the rules for tithing today?

    We are told that we are to tithe from our financial increases, but what about perks from a job? Like free business trips designed to be more pleasurable than work related? What about from the value of employer paid health insurance? What about from government supplemented insurance? What about the value of a company car that I use because I’m a salesman, and my employer also allows me to use it for personal matters as well?

    God set out pretty clear rules for giving the tithe in the Old Testament, but why didn’t He do the same in the New Testament?

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